Refugee crisis: Romanian and the Serbian governments will cooperate. FM Aurescu to present report to the ruling party. Warning from a former president


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Prime Minister Victor Ponta met on Friday in Belgrade his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, the two having discussed the refugee crisis and agreed that the two governments will inform each other and continue joint efforts to combat human trafficking at the regional level.

“A regional topic discussed by Romanian and Serb Premiers was the influx of refugees in Europe in recent years and how the European Union and other European countries can cope with this situation. The two governments shall inform each other on this topic in the next period and will continue joint efforts to prevent and combat human trafficking at regional level and will take into consideration the initiatives at European level for an effective management of the crisis,” it said in a press release issued Saturday.


FM Aurescu: We need urgent, European solutions


Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu has pleaded, during the EU foreign ministers summit in Luxembourg, for urgent solutions, at European level, for the refugee crisis, as ‘migration is one of the most sensitive files’ through its humanitarian implications and the challenges to the EU policies, the Romanian Foreign Ministry informs. The summit took place in Luxembourg on Friday and Saturday.

Sources say the European foreign ministers debated the need to adopt intelligent decisions to manage the refugee crisis and to adopt a European asylum policy.

FM Aurescu also said that besides the ‘grave security situation’ in the Eastern neighbourhood, the issue of migration is a ‘challenge’ that will test the European solidarity and the commitment to defend the EU principles and values.


Ruling party invites FM Aurescu to report on immigrants


Liviu Dragnea, interim head of the main party of Romania’s ruling coalition, announced he has invited foreign minister Bodgan Aurescu to the coalition’s meeting on Tuesday, to report on the situation of immigrants.

“I want him (Aurescu) to tell us whether we are prepared or not, how many (immigrants) will come exactly, what does it mean for the Romanian state, what measures are we talking about,” the Social Democrat Party leader wrote on a social media page.

He also mentioned he personally talked to immigrants on Saturday, in the Keleti railway station of Budapest.

“I wanted to see them myself, as there is this talk, the Romanian state announcing serenely we are receiving them, too, we don’t know whether we’re ready. It seemed strange to me that most of them were young men, very well organized, and that when their cameras – present in huge numbers in the Keleti station – turn to some of the immigrants, they cover their faces. There are also very distressed people; but there are some very well organized, in groups, each group with its coordinator. They have a single goal – to reach Germany,” Dragnea said.


Ex-President Basescu: Secret Services can’t guarantee that some immigrants are not funded by the Islamic State


Former President Traian Basescu said that the wave of refugees is the second risk in magnitude after WW II and that “there is no intelligence service in the world that can guarantee that a percentage of the thousands of people who come from Africa, Iraq and the Middle East is not financed by the Islamic State.

Traian Basescu said on Friday evening for B1TV that what is happening with the wave of refugees is a “security issue for the European Union and Romania”, reaffirming that Bucharest should not accept to receive immigrants.

“The ease with which European politicians react is blameful as long as there are no solutions for this wave to be stopped,” Basescu said.

The former president also said that no intelligence service can guarantee that there are no refugees funded by the Islamic State.

“In Romania a terrorist act may occur at any time. And I tell you one thing. No secret service in Europe or in the world, including the US secret services, can guarantee that a percentage of the thousands, tens of thousands of people coming from Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq, are not eligible to come from the Islamic State. (…) I do not forget, remember the declaration of Islamic State: the Caliphate will include the Balkans and Romania. So, there is information about the risks,” said Basescu.

Basescu said he hoped the Arab community leaders in Romania remain ‘reserved’. “I hope that Arab minority, who received Romanian citizenship during the past 25 years, remains reserved,” he commented.

Also, the former head of state also said that Romania is not ready ‘for a dive in security risks.’

“I even understand the slogan about solidarity launched by many states, even by Mrs. Merkel with whom I had a very good relationship and sympathy. I didn’t see this solidarity when Romania said it has made its borders safe. Why wouldn’t I be in Schengen?” he also said, adding that currently, no appropriate measures to address the causes of this phenomenon have been revealed.

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