Resignations from the Gov’t, PSD against decriminalization of corruption. Ex-SocDem minister: Ordinances adopted to save Dragnea

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Secretary of state Florin Daniel Sandru (photo) announced on Wednesday that he resigns from office after the Government passed the controversial amendments on the criminal codes, along with the entire department he coordinated.

Sandru used to manage the Centennial Department within the Government, set up last year to coordinate the events occasioned by the 100th anniversary of the Great Union from 1918.

“I resort to this honorable act for you have turned the public service into a service dedicated to some politicians’ personal interests who face criminal charges, by adopting the emergency ordinance on criminal codes’ amendment, which is flagrantly conflicting with the principles I believe in, faithful to democracy and rule of law,” the resigning secretary of state addresses to the premier.

“I hope that the day of December 1, 2018, the anniversary of the centennial of the Great Union, should give you, Mr . Prime Minister, an occasion to reflect on the evil you have caused to this country and which will be recorded as such in the Romania’s history”, Sandru told PM Grindeanu.

Sandru posted the following message on Facebook: “That’s it. I will be on the street tonight.”

Another high-sounding action came right inside the ruling Social Democrat Party. Aurelia Cristea, former SocDem MP and former minister delegate for social dialogue during March-December 2014, resigned from the party on Wednesday. She has been a PSD member since 1996.

The former minister argued that she has come to this decision after “a black night” for Romania.aurelia-cristea
“And I cannot endorse, even from my position as party member, a criminal group temporarily at the PSD helm and, unfortunately, leading the country as well. I am sure there is a number high enough of PSD members who guided themselves after the same healthy principles. I am sure that it will be precisely them the ones who will underlie the needed reform and credibility reconstruction which is vital at present,” Cristea posted on Facebook.

Later on in the day, in an interview to RFI, Aurelia Cristea launched serious accusaitons against ruling party and its leadership. “The ordinances were adopte to save Liviu Dragnea from his problems with the law, but also other MPs who have committed abuse of office offenses,” Cristea revealed.

Asked how the party has changed since Liviu Dragnea came to run it, the former PSD minister said “it’s dictatorship”. “It’s a dictatorship that I have never experienced in PSD in the past 20 years (…) Anyone daring speak up or voice another opinion will be immediatel ousted from the party. Moreover, it was such a procedyre on electing MPs so that they all had to get Liviu Dragnea’s go-ahead so that none should dare something,” Aurelia Cristea revealed.

Local councilman in Resita, Social Democrat Valentin Lupsa, secretary fo the Resita PSD branch also resigned from the party on Wednesday, saying he is truly sorry for putting his shoulder to the wheel “for the construction of a sick system” carried out by “the large flock of servants and elephants that are forming the majority of the Social Democrat Party”.

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