Resigning PSD MP joins PNL, ousted SocDem deputy to run for Presidency

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Former Social Democrat deputy Alexandru Andrei has announced on Facebook that he will join the group of Liberal MPs, arguing this move does not come following “petty political calculation” and denying he is an opportunist.

“Out of respect for the locals in Giurgiu I publicly announced that I will join the National Liberal Party group as of June 3 . I haven’t taken this step following petty political calculation, I am no opportunist. I am a vertical politician , I resigned from PSD several months ago for I realized then that the line of the actions taken by the party is not similar to my mandate that those who voted me in 2016 had given to me,” Alexandru Andrei says.

The deputy explained that the results of the EP elections convinced him that PNL currently has the best team and it’s the only party that could defeat PSD.

In early February, Alexandru Andrei announced his resignation from PSD. Since then he activated as an independent MP.

On the other hand, another former PSD deputy, Ninel Peia, who was ousted from the ruling party in March 2016, announce he will run for Presidency, on behalf of the Romanian Nation Party.

He argued his candidature is coming to respond the Romanians’ expectations to be led “by faithful people who lover their country”.

Ninel Peia was expelled from PSD in March 2016. On the same month, Peia wrote on his blog that vaccines would have caused the death of the babies in Arges who were infected with E.coli bacteria.

In May 2016, Peia has initiated and tabled in Parliament a draft bill proposing that teaching sex education in schools without the preliminary written consent of the parents should be punished with prison. Peia used to motivate that “pornography, LGBT proselytizing and deviant sexuality are introduced on the sly in the Romanian schools”.

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