RISE Project: PSD Secretary General Codrin Ştefănescu gets EUR 2m from the sale of land illegally restituted

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PSD Secretary General Codrin Ştefănescu is to receive the amount of EUR 2 million from the sale of a land that came out of state ownership through an illegal restitution decision, RISE Project reports on Wednesday. According to the quoted source, the land came to the social-democrat’s ownership after a series of transactions concluded at fictitious prices.

Early this year Codrin Ştefănescu has sold to a commercial company from the Oscar Downstream group – owned by magnate Alin Niculae – a land on the western outskirts of Bucharest.

The transaction was concluded for the amount of EUR 2 million, money Stefanescu will receive in installments until January next year. For the time being, he has received a quarter of this amount, RISE Project further informs.

The land sold by Ştefănescu in January had an area of 4 hectares and is part of a plot of land that the PSD leader held privately together with a certain Corina-Mihaela Mihai (44 years old).

In January this year, Corina-Mihaela Mihai has also sold her share of this property – 1.56 hectares – and will receive EUR 800,000.

The plot of land is located in an industrial area full of rubbish and ponds, framed by the Bucharest-Giurgiu railway and the Militari tram depot.

Although, at the time of sale, the land was owned by Stefanescu, there is a final court ruling, according to which the plot of land should have been in the property of the state.

The ruling is eight years old, but no institution has made efforts to use it in the legal sense and to demand, through a further court action, that the plot of land returns to the property of the state.

Because of this administrative non-combat, Stefanescu is to cash in EUR 2 million from the sale of a good that should belong to the Romanian state, riseproject.ro informs.

Stefanescu’s net profit from the entire operation is EUR 1.336 million.

Contacted by the quoted source, Codrin Ştefănescu did not answer the questions.


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