RO+ and USR, joint call for early elections. Opposition leaders meet to discuss censure motion


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Romania Together Movement (RO+) and Save Romania Union (USR) call on the responsible politicians to understand the gravity of the signal sent by Brussels and to act in the interest of Romania and of the Romanians by immediately sending Dancila Government to the history’s dustbin”, reads a press release signed by the two parties.

More precisely, they call for early elections, arguing it is „the only democratic form for the citizens to regain the possibility of choosing the country’s future on their own: Dragnea criminal gang or European Romania!”.

Yesterday a last alarm call has been bluntly sent by the European authorities on the abuses and deviations from the rule of law of the current PSD-ALDE coalition.

RO+ and USR are voicing their concern regarding the PSD-ALDE leaders’ reactions to the CVM report, as they won’t admit they are undermining the rule of law in Romania are driving our country away from the European values.

This dangerous coalition has amended the justice laws and the criminal codes without asking for the Venice Commission’s opinion, has lied the European embassies and officials to their face and has gassed their own citizens by breaking the EU’s rights and freedoms, has adopted laws that are intimidating the civil society and has tried to restrict the freedom of the press.

We cannot go on this way, we want a Romania that should move on within the European Union, a country that could count on Europe and work to enhance democracy, rule of law and to the prosperity of its own citizens,” the press release reads.

This Government and coalition that supports it have taken us to a dead end. It will take us years to mend what they have ruined, to regain our credibility in the world. Romania is not like Dragnea and Dancila, Romanians are neither criminals nor incompetent. Their resignation at once is a matter of urgency,” said Dacian Ciolos, RO+ founder.

Romanians want to stay in the European Union. The benefits of entering the great European family can be seen clearly in the day-to-day life and cannot be covered by Dragnea’s and Tariceanu’s lying propaganda. They see the EU as the main obstacle in the way of totally capturing Romania,” Dan Barna, USR chairman said in his turn.

The two parties are asking the PSD-ALDE lawmakers „who are not blackmailed by Liviu Dragnea’s criminal gang to understand the gravity of the moment and act for the benefit of those who elected them.”

RO+ and USR say they are ready to join talks with the representatives of all parliamentary parties and to facilitate dialogue with all forces of the civil society to help Romania „get rid of a criminal group that is jeopardizing the European future”.

Opposition leaders in Parliament met to discuss strategy on censure motion

At the same time, PNL, USR and PMP chairmen, Ludovic Orban, Dan Barna and Eugen Tomac have met today to discuss the strategy regarding tabling a motion of censure against the Government, as mass media reported. The meeting would have taken place in Eugen Tomac’s office in Parliament.

The opposition leaders are also considering talks with other MPs from PSD and the other groups in Parliament in the attempt of seeking endorsement for the no-confidence vote, which will be filed soon.

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