Robert Turcescu to run for Bucharest City Hall endorsed by Basescu’s party

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Ex-journalist Robert Turcescu was thrown in the race for the Bucharest City Hall by the People’s Movement Party (PMP) led by former president Traian Basescu.

Party sources revealed that Turcescu’s name was rumored to be PMP candidate since early this month.

Turcescu, famous for his pro-Basescu’s stance, joined PMP’s actions since the former president Basescu called the shots in PMP, meaning since he became the chairman. Yet, back then, Turcescu used to say that he only wanted to help the party in drafting its communication strategy.

The former journalist shocked everybody in the autumn of 2014 when he self-exposed as undercover agent. Few weeks later, Prosecutor General of Romania at that time, Tiberiu Nitu decided that Turcescu’s statements over his allegedly self-exposure as an undercover officer “cannot be considered as law-breaking”.

As for Traian Basescu, he admitted on Friday that he had given up the idea to run for the Bucharest City Hall again due to his criminal case where he faces money-laundering charges. Basescu announced that Robert Turcescu is the party’s nomination for the Bucharest mayor seat.

If I hadn’t become suspect several days before the campaign start, I would have definitely been candidate for the Capital’s general mayor position. But, I have decided not to run for I cannot deny my ten years of mandate as Romania’s president. I would have liked to resume part of the Bucharest’s projects. I would have liked to help PMP in obtaining a good score in the local elections. I will eventually do that by involving in the campaign,” Basescu stated.

Former president Traian Basescu is investigated for money laundering by the General Prosecutor’s Office in a criminal case related to the purchase of a plot of land in Baneasa district.

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