“Romania 2040” strategy to be drafted by a committee led by Dragnea and to be mandatory for all governments. PNL slams it

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One month after the PSD Congress, when the party chairman Liviu Dragnea (photo) has revealed the plans for the upcoming 20 years, the Secretariat General of the Government (SGG) has initiated a draft that says a committee led by the PSD chair should be set up to draft “Romania 2040” Strategy. After adoption, the strategy would be mandatory for the ruling programmes of any future government from now on until 2040.

According to the draft posted on the SGG site, “the Government is compelled to draft and update Romania’s economic and social development strategy on long term” and “to continue its development programmes and projects”.

To draft the strategy, “Romanian 2040” committee is to be set up, and led by the Chamber of Deputies speaker, Liviu Dragnea. The body has one-year mandate, during June 1, 2018-June 1, 2019.

The committee is to consist of representatives of the Gov’t, Presidency, parliamentary parties, of the special committees in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, of the Romanian Academy, of the National Commission of Strategy and Prognosis.

At the same time, Dragnea can designate science, academic and university personalities as members of the committee.

The draft also mentions that, in order to provide national consensus, the “Romania 2040” Committee will hold public debates to present the results of each stage of the process.

PNL asks for the draft’s withdrawal

In retort, the National Liberal Party (PNL) has asked the government to withdraw the draft project, claiming the draft has “a sick way of thinking, infected with the communist nostalgia”.

The draft is infected with the communist nostalgia of some people who haven’t managed to really assimilate the democratic values. Practically, the citizens will not have any say at elections regarding the path to be followed by Romania, as everything “Dragnea’s committee” will establish becomes mandatory for any future ruling,” reads a PNL press release.

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