Romania acts as it already were a Schengen member, President Iohannis tells The European Times

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Romania acts as if already were a member of the Schengen area and will take all necessary steps to reach a “positive solution at political level” from some states, President Klaus Iohannis said in an interview to The European Times.
He said Romania has met the technical criteria required by Schengen accession, for several years. “Romania acts as if it already were part of the Schengen Area. The good results registered in the fight against terrorism, for example, attest to the fact that we are reliable partners and that our behaviour is in keeping with the Schengen member statute,” President Iohannis said.
The Romanian head of state also talked about the strategic partnership with the US, as well as about NATO and EU memberships – as cornerstones of Romania’s foreign policy.
The President also tackled issued related to macro-economic stability, a must be for foreign investors. He underscored the GDP growth in Q1 of more than 4 percent and that foreign investments are on the rise, on the background of a business environment that meets the expectations. Iohannis argued Romania can become an important regional player.
Speaking about Romanians’ image abroad, not always positive, the President said that fighting stereotypes is not easy, but that most Romanians living abroad have a decent life and honourable work, saying he views these people as Romania’s ambassadors.
His belief? To turn Romania into a string and thriving state.

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