Romania celebrates National Anthem Day on Wednesday

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All garrisons countrywide celebrate on Wednesday Romania’s National Anthem Day through military ceremonies of flag raising and national anthem rendition, a religious memorial to the military who have given their lives, and an Honour Guard parade, Agerpres informs.
According to a release by the National Defence Ministry (MoD), the Bucharest ceremony is to unfold in the Tricolour Square nearby the National Military Hall and will include a religious service, a musical show and a drill-team exercise.
Defence Minister Mircea Dusa will attend the ceremony in Oradea, at the Romanian Soldier’s Statue in the December 1 Park.
The Romanian Navy Forces will participate in the military ceremonies in Constanta, Braila, Tulcea and Bucharest.
On July 29, 1848, the song “Awaken Thee, Romanian!” was interpreted for the first time in the town of Ramnicu Valcea. At the origin of the National Anthem of Romania stays the patriotic poem “An Echo” (“Un Rasunet”) written by Andrei Muresanu, published in 1848, on a melody picked by Anton Pann.
“Awaken Thee, Romanian!” has been banned during the ruling of the communist regime for about half a century. In spite of the ban, it was sung during an uprising in Brasov on November 15, 1987 and during the December 1989 Revolution.
The anthem was sung during the Independence War, both World Wars, and upon the Romania’s Great Union in 1918.
It became Romania’s National Anthem again, immediately after the December 1989 Revolution; it was enshrined in the Constitution of 1991. Under the current Constitution, the national anthem, national flag, coat of arms and state’s seal are national symbols.

President Iohannis: National anthem, a call to preserve Romanian dignity, civic solidarity


“The National Anthem is a part of our national expression, a symbol of our bond with the past and with our fundamental values. One hundred sixty-seven years ago, on July 29, 1848 in Ramnicu Valcea, a group of enthusiastic young people sang Andrei Muresanu’s patriotic poem ‘An echo’, which they transformed into ‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ — the anthem of the Revolution of 1848. The anthem has become a historic and moral landmark due to its call for Romanians to always remain involved and aware of their role in preserving national dignity and civic solidarity,” the Romanian head of state said in a statement to Agerpres on the National Anthem Day.

President Iohannis added that the national anthem symbolism alludes not only to national values, but also to the European values to which Romania is deeply attached. “‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ speaks about fraternity, unity as well as freedom and courage”, Iohannis pointed out.

According to the head of state, “The National Anthem Day is and must remain one of those moments we solemnly celebrate, a jubilation of the spirit of the Romanian people, of all citizens, no matter where they are – within the borders or abroad.”

“Singing the National Anthem awakens in each of us the feeling of pride, affection and devotion towards Romania, as well as solidarity and national unity. ‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ calls upon our national identity and upon the values that make us stronger in Europe and worldwide”, Iohannis stressed.

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