Romania, on the last position in EU democracies rankings, report reads

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Romania is on the 66th position out of 167 worldwide and on the last position in the European Union, with a general score of 6.38, the lowest hitherto, in the Democracy Index 2018 released by The Economist Intelligence Unit and quoted by

Romania thus stands on the last position in the EU in the Democracy Index 2018, a report released yearly by The Economist, depending on the citizens’ participation to political life and on observing the fundamental rights.

Romania is placed among the flawed East-European democracies together with Serbia (63rd worldwide), Croatia (60th), Bulgaria (46th) and the Czech Republic.

On the first positions are Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zeeland and Denmark. The last positions are occupied by the DR Congo (165th), Syria (166th) and North Korea (167th).

Among the great changes seen in 2018 is that France (29th) and the United States (25th) are not ranked among the first 20 democracies, Free Europe informs.

In regard to Romania, the report reads that the fall in the rankings is due to the laws introduced in 2018 that restrict the functioning and the independence of justice. The dismissal of the DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi has also contributed to Romania’s down-ranking.

Republic of Moldova (79th position) is included among the countries with a hybrid regime, together with Macedonia (78th) and Montenegro (81st).

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