Romania sends Patriot missiles to Ukraine


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Romania will send a Patriot anti-aircraft defense system to Ukraine, the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) decided in the meeting on Thursday.

The Ministry of National Defense presented to the Supreme National Defense Council a detailed analysis regarding the situation of the operationalization of the four PATRIOT systems, the development of the program of endowment with the other three systems, their operational importance at the national and allied level, as well as the impact generated by a possible transfer of a system.

“Considering the significant deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine, as a result of Russia’s constant and massive attacks on civilians and civil infrastructure, especially on the energy sector, as well as the regional consequences of this situation, including on Romania’s security, in close coordination with the Allies, the members of the Council decided to donate a Patriot system to Ukraine,” a CSAT press release states.

“This donation is made on the condition that our country continues its negotiations with the Allies, especially with the American strategic partner, in order to obtain a similar or equivalent system, which meets the need to ensure the protection of the national airspace, to modernize the Romanian Army and to ensure interoperability with the NATO system, being, at the same time, necessary to identify a temporary solution to cover the operational vulnerability thus created”, the press release adds.

The decision was based on “an in-depth technical evaluation of the Romanian authorities, all measures being taken to eliminate the risk of creating possible vulnerabilities for Romania”.

At the same time, they will continue discussions with allies so that our country’s air defense is further strengthened.

“Romania’s position is and will continue to be unequivocal in its multidimensional support of Ukraine, alongside the international community, in its legitimate right to self-defense against Russia’s illegal and unprovoked aggression,” the press release emphasizes.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis stated, on May 7, after the meeting at the White House with President Joe Biden, that one of the points of discussion was a possible transfer to Ukraine of a Patriot air defense system.

How many Patriot systems Romania has?

Romania ordered seven Patriot anti-aircraft systems from the US, in the latest possible configurations, but of these only four have been delivered so far .  Also, only two are operational at the moment, the third could be used from the end of the year and the fourth in early 2025. Now, Romania has decided that a system will be donated to Ukraine.

Romania ordered seven Patriot systems in the US, for almost 4 billion dollars.

The Patriot system is the newest and most expensive system equipped with the Romanian Army. Romania signed an agreement worth more than 3.9 billion dollars for seven new Patriot anti-aircraft systems, in the latest available configuration, bundled with several hundred interceptors. To date, four Patriot systems have been delivered, all four reaching the Air Force’s 74th Patriot Regiment.

The first PATRIOT system was delivered to the Romanian Air Force in 2020, and from 2021 it performs specific air defense and anti-missile missions in the airspace of Romania and NATO.

The 2nd PATRIOT system was delivered during 2022, the acceptance testing and reception were carried out in December of last year and it has already entered the endowment of the 74th PATRIOT Regiment where it has become operational.

The 3rd and 4th PATRIOT systems were received in 2022 and 2023.

The next three Patriot systems that are part of the agreement with the US will be delivered from 2027.

Zelensky “is grateful to Romania” for the Patriot system

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted quickly after Romania’s decision to send Kiev a Patriot system, thanking our country and stressing that the decision will help Ukrainians better protect their population and critical infrastructure “against Russian aerial terror.”
“I am grateful to Romania and President @KlausIohannis for making the decision to provide Ukraine with an additional Patriot air defense system. This crucial contribution will bolster our air shield and help us better protect our people and critical infrastructure from Russian air terror. I appreciate Romania’s strong leadership and principled support for Ukraine. Importantly, this step strengthens security not only in Ukraine, but throughout our region and Europe. By putting an end to Russian terror now, Ukraine prevents potential aggression against Moldova, Romania, the Baltic states, and all of our neighbours. It is critical for Ukraine to have the necessary tools to defeat Russian terror now so that no one else has to face Russia’s aggressive actions on a larger scale in the future,” Zelensky said in a X post.
The US will stop all orders for Patriot systems – including Romania’s
The United States is determined to stop all orders for Patriot anti-aircraft systems and missiles – including those already ordered by Romania – until Ukraine has enough anti-aircraft means to defend itself against Russian air attacks, reports the Financial Times. An official announcement will be made on Thursday, “three people” in the Biden administration who “have information about this decision” told the FT.
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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    So lets understand that out of the 7 already bought, 1 is donated and 3 are delayed in delivery by 3-4 years!!! What kind of deal is this? Will Zelensky return Morth Bukoviva for this? Ainte.

  2. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    So lets understand that out of the 7 already bought, 1 is donated and 3 are delayed in delivery by 3-4 years!!! What kind of deal is this? Will Zelensky return North Bukoviva for this? Ainte.

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