Romania to recall its ambassador from Belarus in protest against the Lukashenko regime

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Romania is to recall its ambassador from Belarus, Viorel Mosanu, in solidarity with Poland and Lithuania, accused by the Lukashenko regime of interference in the domestic policy of his country.

The two countries have withdrawn their ambassadors from Belarus, followed by Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and Bulgaria.

“We decided to recall our ambassador in #Belarus for consultations in solidarity with Lithuania & Poland. #Belarus needs to understand that using diplomatic pressure on #EU Member States will not help dialogue and will not bring positive results,” Romanian FM Bogdan Aurescu posted on Twitter.

On the other side, Lukashenko recalled the Belorussian ambassadors from Warsaw and Vilnius last Friday for consultations and asked for the downsizing of the Lithuanian and Polish diplomatic staff in Minsk. Poland and Lithuania refused to conform to this decision and recalled their ambassadors from Belarus in their turn.

In a previous Twitter post, the Romanian Foreign Ministry said that the pressures of the Belarus authorities on some EU member states, Lithuania and Poland to withdraw their ambassadors don’t help to put an end to the current crisis and will not affect the solidarity among the EU countries. “We fully endorse the EU decisions on Belarus”, says the Romanian MFA.

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