Romanian Ambassador in Washington, George Maior, might be recalled. Iohannis: Orban to be PM even in the case of snap elections


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President Klaus Iohannis has announced that Romanian Ambassador to the U.S., George Maior, will be recalled. In an informal talk to the journalists Iohannis said he will take a decision on recalling Maior early next year.

“We’ll recall Mr. Maior, it’s not such a hurry. We’ll make an assessment early next year”.

The head of state explained that there is no need for reciprocity, as the United States have just sent a new ambassador, but an assessment of Maior’s activity will be definitely made.

Asked if Ana Birchall could be an option to become Romania’s ambassador to the U.S., Iohannis said he had not taken any decision in this regard.

Iohannis: Ludovic Orban will remain premier even in the case of early elections

Klaus Iohannis also said that Ludovic Orban will remain premier even in the case of early elections. Asked who’s going to be PM if early elections took place, the President replied: “It doesn’t matter, he will still be PM”. “Early elections scenario is 50% realistic”.

President against early retirements

The head of state also voiced against early retirements, while supporting the idea of increasing the retirement age for teachers and doctors.

“I hope the issue of early retirements at the age of 40 will be soon solved, it’s a little bit too early to retire at this age”, he argued.

Iohannis considers that increasing the retirement age for doctors and teachers “would be a very good measure”, considering the deficit in this sectors.

“Extending the retirement age up to 70, only if the person in case also wants, would be beneficial for the society”.

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