Romanian ambassador to Morocco summoned to explain Moroccan students’ withdrawal from Iasi Med Faculty

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Romanian ambassador to Morocco, Simona Mariana Ioan, has been summoned at the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give explanations regarding the withdrawal of an official list with Moroccan students from the first session at the Medicine Faculty in Iasi, reports.

On October 5, those 45 Moroccan students were among the students admitted to the first session of the Medicine Faculty in Iasi, but the faculty released a new admission list on October 15, with their names erased, ‘without any explanation’.

Mbarka Bouaida, minister delegate within the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs met the Romanian ambassador on Monday, asking her explanations in this case.

Mbarka Bouaida asked for “quick, correct answers”, knowing the Moroccan students are “victims of an exogenetic deficiency” and “they risk losing an academic year.”

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