Romanian born Octavian Ursu – elected mayor of Görlitz, Germany

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Octavian Ursu, Romanian-born settled in Germany, was elected on Sunday as mayor general of Görlitz, Saxony, eastern Germany, defeating the right-wing AfD representative, the German media report.

Ursu, candidate on behalf of the Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) defeated in the second round the AfD candidate, policeman Sebastian Wippel.

Octavian Ursu was elected with 55.1% of the total votes against 44.9% for Wippel, Sächsische Zeitung informs.

Ursu got 30.3% of the votes in the first round of the local elections on May 26, ranking second after the AdD candidate, Sebastian Wippel, voted by 36%.

“I am happy. Now we have to get closer to those who haven’t voted for me,” Ursu said for Deutsche Welle.

Romanian-born Octavian Ursu emigrated in Germany in 1990, namely in Görlitz, a town near the border with Poland. Ursu worked at the Symphony Hall in the city, but joined the Christian-Democrat Union, then the Saxony legislative and now he ran for the mayor seat.

Octavian Ursu was born in Bucharest, graduated the Music Academy and emigrated in Germany after the Revolution, in 1990 and was hired as instrumentalist at the Symphony all in Görlitz.

The town of Görlitz is quite close to the film industry, as several movies were shot here: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Inglorious Bastards” or “Monuments Men”. For the film industry is a major income for the city’s economy, Görlitz is also known as “Görliwood”.

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