Romanian DefMin on CNN’s report about more troops deployed in Romania: Not directly related to the situation in the region


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The US and allies are in talks to deploy thousands more troops to Eastern European NATO countries before any potential Russian invasion of Ukraine in sign of support, three US officials close to the discussions told CNN.

Among the countries considering accepting the deployments are Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. The deployments would number approximately 1,000 personnel to each country and would be similar to the forward battle groups currently stationed in the Baltic States and Poland,” the CNN report says.

Asked to comment on a CNN report, Romanian Minister of National Defence, Vasile Dincu told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Wednesday evening that the decision regarding the deployment in the upcoming period of a contingent of 1,000 American troops in Romania had existed from a long time and is not directly related to the situation in the region and, as such, it is not conditioned by a possible Russian intervention in Ukraine.

This decision has existed for a long time. I know it is a proactive measure, but it is not directly related to this moment, so to speak. Therefore, it is not conditioned by a possible Russian intervention in Ukraine. This is what we have called for, through the President’s voice, since 2014, when we did not exist in the official NATO documents as a strategic position in this regard, that of consolidating the forward presence of NATO on the Eastern flank. In the event of a conflict situation, it is obvious that further action will be taken in this regard. This battalion that will come here, probably multinational, we still don’t know exactly where it will be deployed, is a situation that we are currently discussing, we are analyzing the strategic situation. We know that deployment in a defensive system is important also from the perspective of the way in which there are scenarios that threats could come. (…) So, clearly, the entire Romania is on the NATO flank and it matters less how or where the possible defensive support troops will be positioned here,” said DefMin Dincu.

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