Romanian ex-MEP sent to court by the DNA for fake reimbursements of EUR 50,000

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Former MEP Petru Luhan has been sent to court by the anti-corruption prosecutors, under the charges of filing to the European Parliament 37 fake claims asking for the reimbursement of some transport expenses.

DNA says that he has thus unjustly obtained EUR 50,368 from the European Parliament.

According to the indictment, during March 17, 2010-March 6, 2012, Petru Constantin Luhan, member of European Parliament, has filed to the European Parliament, in bad faith, 37 fake requests asking the European body to reimburse him some transport expenses.

The former MEP has attached supporting documents to his petitions (tax invoices, receipts, gas bills). Investigators say these documents were illegal for they overestimated the costs of the plane tickets, they certified car rides between the MEP’s town of residence and his workplace, mainly in Strasbourg or Brussels, rides that were actually made by plane, not by car.

The file has been sent to the Bucharest Tribunal.

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