Romanian FM denies Russia’s allegations and threats on the U.S., NATO’s enhancing presence in Romania

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The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) has denied the allegations and threats made by the Russian side made through the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the reference to Romania’s  alleged ‘Russophobia’. The Romanian FM considers these allegations as ‘totally inappropriate in relation with the spirit of the international cooperation and of the peaceful development of the international affairs.’

“The Romanian Foreign Ministry is reiterating that the allied process of enhancing security in the Black Sea region is part of the legitimate response, which is also in compliance with the international law, to the increase of the challenges against the Euro-Atlantic security after the illegal annexation of the Crimea region and to Russia’s deepening efforts to militarize the Black Sea basin. Both NATO and the allies have repeatedly highlighted as clearly as possible that the measures taken in this respect are purely defensive and in accordance to the international commitments that the North Atlantic Alliance is strictly observing.

At the same time, the NATO-Russia Founding Act, claimed by the Russian side, is referring to Chapter I, entitled Principles, to the respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states, as well as to their right to choose the means to secure their own security”, reads a MAE press statement.


The explanations provided by the Romanian Foreign Ministry are coming after the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova had slammed the intention of increasing military presence of the U.S and NATO in Romania.

More precisely, Zakharova has denounced the United States’ plans to deploy in Romania a part of the U.S. military units withdrawn from Germany, as recently announced by representatives of the US army. The Russia FM’s spokeswoman said that these plans, the same as the Pentagon’s decision to increase its military presence in Poland and the Baltic states, are part of the NATO strategy to create “a tension arrow” at the Russian Federation’s western borders.

Romania is considered a bridgehead within this plan to project force in the Black Sea region“, said the Russian official.

“It is clear that such provocative attempts will not remain without a proper answer from Russia. This fact will have to be also considered in the capitals of those countries in the Eastern Europe, which are thinking day and night what else they could make up in terms of Russophobia, by inviting American soldiers on their territory. I advise them to thoroughly weight all risks and seriously think about the consequences“, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson warned.

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