Romanian FM meets Hungarian counterpart in Bucharest, calls on Hungary’s officials to refrain from statements against the bilateral strategic partnership

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Romanian Foreign Ministry Bogdan Aurescu has stated in a joint press conference with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto in Bucharest on Tuesday that he wants a positive approach of the relation with Hungary as a good neighbour and that he would also like to get back to a real strategic partnership relation with Hungary, while calling on restraint and discernment in statements.

“It is a visit taking place in a sensitive period within our bilateral relationship.  Initially, I was reluctant to organise such a visit now, ten days before marking the Trianon Treaty, which has different meanings for Romania and Hungary. There have been tensed moments in our bilateral relation lately. I would have preferred the visit to take place after June 4 (…) Yet, I invited my colleague in Bucharest as Romania honestly wants to get back to a real strategic partnership relation with Hungary and because the Romanian side’s expectations on the bilateral relations must be directly and honestly communicated like between true partners,” FM Aurescu stated.

The chief of the Romanian diplomacy said he had had “a very substantial and comprehensive discussion” with Peter Szijjarto.

Despite the few tensed moments lately, the Romanian Foreign Ministry has refrained from reacting, has pursued to avoid our partnership from deteriorating. A partnership approach is to avoid escalation by any means, especially in critical moments.

Romania is very interested in getting out of the logic of challenges and confrontation (…) It is time to render a climate of trust in mutual respect to our relation of confidence.

We are calling on on restraint and discernment in statements, while pleading for a full and real involvement in building a mutually advantageous relation, particularly amid the current COVID crisis.

Romania’s goals are to enhance the bilateral relation, to identify mutually beneficial projects, to deepen the cooperation in such sectors as infrastructure, energy and to continue the dialogue on the protection of the national minorities in the two countries,” FM Aurescu pointed out, while asking the Hungarian officials not to make statements that come against the bilateral strategic partnership and to respect the logic of this partnership.


In his turn, Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto, said the Trianon Treaty represents “a great sorrow” for Hungarians and it’s no anniversary moment for them. Referring to the recent statements made by President Klaus Iohannis on PSD’s giving Transylvania to the Magyars, Szijjarto said: “We don’t want to take part in domestic affairs discussions, we want these talks not to happen again.”

We are fully aware that Romania is ahead of electoral campaigns. So, it would suit us if Hungary were not subject of these campaigns,” the Hungarian FM added.

The two FMs agreed on concluding a pact regarding the Government in Budapest financing the Magyar communities outside Hungary’s borders.

Asked if there has been any verbal agreement on this topic with the former PSD government, the Hungarian FM said there had been a discussion with the former Romanian FM Teodor Melescanu when they had agreed on this programme. “We cannot do that on Romania’s territory without this agreement,” Szijjarto said.

“We want to have good, positive relations with Romania, for it’s for the benefit of the Magyar community in Romania as well. We ask the Romanian authorities to look at the community of 1.5 million Magyars in Romania as a valuable resource that is linking us, Romanians and Magyars, a resource that is bringing its contribution to Romania’s performances. Therefore, we ask the authorities in Romania to help the Magyar community to use their national emblems, their mother tongue and to preserve their traditions“, FM Szijjarto pointed out.

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