Romanian-Hungarian relations have deteriorated since 2012, Budapest was too permissive – Hungarian Vice-premier claims

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Hungary’s relations with Romania have deteriorated since 2012, Hungarian Vice-premier Zsolt Semjén (photo 1) and Foreign Affairs parliamentary committee chairman Zsolt Németh (photo 2) have said, the officials suggesting that Budapest should have not tolerated some attitudes in Bucharest.

The two officials organised a press conference to discuss the decisizsolt-nemethon of Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó to ban any participation to the festivities dedicated to the National Day of Romania.

Zsolt Semjen and Zsolt Németh stressed that the Hungarian-Romanian diplomatic relations have deteriorated since 2012, reports. Asked about responsibilities, Zsolt Semjén replied: “I have a clear conscience.” The Hungarian Vice-premier suggested Budapest shouldn’t have tolerated some attitudes in Bucharest. “We have always kept quiet – a way to say it – but now we are with our backs against the wall. Hungarian diplomacy could be criticized for not hitting the fist on the table earlier,” Zsolt Semjén said. According to the Hungarian official also accused the Romanian state of laying political pressure on the Hungarian minority in Romania through “disguised court proceedings.”

The Foreign Affairs parliamentary committee chairman Zsolt Németh did not distance himself from the decision made by Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó to ban the Hungarian diplomats’ participation to Romania’s national Day celebrations.

Hungarian FM Péter Szijjártó said last month that the Hungarian people has no reason to celebrate December 1, the National Day of Romania, banning the diplomats from attending the celebrations related to this event.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision, saying “it is hard to understand, given that the respect for the national values and symbols of a country are an indisputable part of the values shared by the European Union and the trans-Atlantic community.”

At the beginning of November, while the Hungarian Vice-premier visited Miercurea Ciuc, he stated that the Hungarians in Romania are unrightfully persecuted just because they represent the interests of the community. He awarded the prize ‘Hungarians without frontiers’ to several local leaders prosecuted for corruption deeds.


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