Romanian Intelligence Service has new director


Eduard Hellvig got the Parliament’s green light on Monday to run the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). There have been 513 MPs present  in the plenum session, 498 voted for Hellvig, while 15 against, following a vote by ballot.

After that, the new SRI director swore-in, and then talked about the top priorities of his term, pointing out the Parliament’s control on SRI is essential. “It was a quite clinching vote. It is a great responsibility to me and I hope we can do something good for the citizen,” Hellvig told journalists after the vote.

In his view, there are two main action plans for the upcoming period: fighting corruption and developing a high defense capacity of national security. “Corruption is still a risk yield for national security,” the new SRI head warned. He also referred in his speech to the need of enhancing strategic relations with Euro-Atlantic partners in the context of evolutions in the region.

“I would like the operational cooperation and information exchange with our euro-atlantic partners, especially with the USA, should deepen, considering that tensions in our regions are escalating and NATO’s strategic military decisions are repositioning in Eastern Europe,” he argued.

PM Ponta said that he was the first to vote for Hellvig and he cannot but wish him to have an efficient term.

Yet, before the vote, Hellvig got his first critics. Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu told the Parliament plenum that Eduard Hellvig “had no relevant experience and was not a weightily personality renowned on national security area.” He expressed hope “his doubts would not be confirmed.”

Eduard Hellvig, 40, was MEP and Liberal vice-president. He was also deputy and minister in Ponta Government, running the Development Ministry. He stepped back as minister amid incompatibility accusations in 2012, but in 2014 he won for good the trial with the National Integrity Agency. He was Crin Antonesuc’s adviser but he is also considered close to president Iohannis even before the 2014 presidential campaign.


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