Romanian JusMin retorts to Danish PM critics on prison conditions in Romania

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After Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen has asked in the PA of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on Wednesday that national courts should be able to expel foreign criminals more easily, also referring to Romania, Romanian Justice minister Tudorel Toader retorted that he would ask his counterpart in Denmark within the Justice and Home Affairs Council why the authorities in this country prefer to slam Romania instead of addressing a request on this topic.

I read that the Denmark’s premier, Lars Lokke Rasmusen, has requested in the PA of the Council of Europe, the acceleration of the extradition procedures of the foreign criminals and a tougher system to sanction the countries that don’t observe the standards in the human rights field. I remind that Denmark’s Supreme Court last year ruled that four Romanians accused in their home country of human trafficking could not be expelled because the conditions in Romania’s prisons would violate their human rights. I had three encounters in Bucharest with the Justice minister from Denmark in 2017, and two Danish parliamentary delegations visited Romania on the same topic! Each time we agreed that we’ll provide written liabilities for the detention in proper conditions, and they were to address a written request to us in this respect! I wonder why the authorities in Denmark prefer critical attitudes against Romania instead of addressing a written request to us, as we agreed? I will address the same question to the Danish Justice minister tomorrow in the JHA Council in Sofia,” Toader stated.

It is simply not fair, that countries like Denmark end up housing foreign criminals, because of the poor prison conditions in their home countries,” Lars Lokke Rasmussen had told the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe a day ago.

We need a system that is tougher on countries that do not fulfill their human rights obligations. At the same time we need a system that does not interfere too much in countries who take human rights seriously.

Rasmussen’s said that Denmark will in April host a ministerial conference under the aegis of the Council, aimed at giving “new impetus to the ongoing reform of the (human rights) Convention system”.

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