Romanian Liberal MEP: Socialists from the LIBE committee have challenged the hearing procedure of the three candidates for the European Prosecutor’s Office


Romanian Liberal MEP Siegfried Mureşan has announced that the Socialists from the LIBE Committee in the European Parliament had challenged the procedure of hearing the three candidates for the European Prosecutor’s Office, among whom there is also the former head of the Romanian anti-corruption body-DNA-, Laura Codruta Kovesi. Muresan says that if they are successful, the hearing will not take place this afternoon, as scheduled.

The socialists and communists in the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament have challenged the procedure on hearing the three candidates running for the European chief prosecutor office. Why have they challenged the procedure? Because they want to procrastinate and obstruct the entire procedure”, Muresan posted on Facebook.

He explained there will be a vote against the appeal within the LIBE committee sitting, but if the appeal is approved, then the hearing of the three candidates will be postponed.

Laura Codruţa Kovesi is scheduled to be heard in the LIBE and CONT committees in the EP, today and tomorrow.

The CONT committee will cast its vote after the candidates’ hearings on Tuesday and the LIBE committee on Wednesday morning.

The S&D group has filed an appeal in the LIBE committee saying that the committees will be the ones to vote on the European Prosecutor’s Office helm and not the coordinators of the political groups. The committee has eventually voted for their proposal.

Comisiile LIBE şi CONT din Parlamentul European vor vota asupra şefiei Parchetului European, pentru care candidează şi Laura Codruţa Kovesi, şi nu coordonatorii grupurilor politice. Comisia CONT va vota după audierea de marţi a candidaţilor, iar cea LIBE miercuri dimineaţă.

If the vote in the CONT and LIBE committees are different from the one of the EU Council, then the European Parliament and the EU Council will start negotiating.

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