Romanian MEP’s draft bill allowing free train rides for youngsters in the EU, passed in the EP

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All youngsters who turned 18, citizens of the EU member states, will be able to take train rides for free through the European Union, for one month. The draft bill has been tabled by the Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan in the report on the European Parliament’s political priorities for the EU budget in 2018.

The EP has passed the bill by majority of votes (445 votes to 134 and 101 abstentions) on Wednesday. The EU budget for the next year mounts to approx. EUR 155-160 billion.

The report drafted by MEP Muresan says that the EP’s priorities for 2018 should be: the economic growth, jobs and the citizens’ safety. At the same time, the draft entails the “Discover EU” programme’s financing, as a first, meaning that a free pass for train rides should be granted one month to every youngster in the EU who is turning 18 and who wishes to visit Europe (on the railway lines in 30 countries).

“To facilitate the youngsters to know the EU states, exercising foreign languages and statistics show that 64% of the employers appreciate their international experience when first hired,” the Romanian MEP argued.

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