Romanian MEPs voted in EP committees. Find out where Traian Basescu, Corina Cretu and Rares Bogdan will work

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Traian Basescu (PMP) and Claudiu Manda (PSD) will work in the European Parliament‘s Foreign Affairs and Security and Defense Committees, while Maria Grapini (PSD) will work in Constitutional Affairs Committee, and Carmen Avram (PSD) in the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.

On Friday, Traian Basescu was voted as Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee with the European Parliament, one of the most important committees in Brussels.

PMP’s Eugen Tomac was appointed Vice-President of the Energy Committee of the Delegation for the Eastern Partnership Assembly.

Mihai Tudose (Pro Romania), former PSD Prime Minister, is member of the International Trade Committee.

Rares Bogdan, former head of the PNL list, is a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. In this latter committee, we also find two former Interior Ministers: Vasile Blaga (PNL) and Dragos Tudorache (PLUS), reports.

The two former mayors in the first mandate of MEP, Mircea Hava and Gheorghe Falca, will work in the Regional Development Committees, the first, and in the Transport and Tourism and Petitions, the second.

There are three professionals in the Budget Committee: Siegfried Muresan (PNL), Clotilde Armande and Nicu Stefanuta (USR), former European Commissioner Corina Cretu (Pro Romania), Claudiu Manda (PSD) and Cristian Ghinea (USR), former Minister of European Funds.

No Romanian MEP will work in some committees, such as Legal Affairs or Culture and Education.

The new MEPs elected following the May 26 elections were voted in the committees, as well as the new Vice-Presidents and Quaestors of the European Parliament, in accordance with the decisions taken by the political groups.

The vote was given on Wednesday, and the MEPs were divided into the 20 committees and subcommittees, a press release issued by reads.

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