Romanian minister for European Affairs pledges new offensive for Schengen accession


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Minister for European Affairs, Victor Negrescu, has vowed to launch an offensive for Romania’s joining Schengen after EC President Jean-Claude Juncker’s signal.

Minister Negrescu has stated on Thursday that Romania is kicking off a new offensive to join the Schengen space, pointing out that he has re-organized the working works countrywide to the level of the European affairs’ management system in this respect.

Romania is undoubtedly entitled to be part of Schengen. Romania has been meeting all criteria to join Schengen for several years and this message has been delivered by all Romanian officials. But we’ll not be restricted to mere statements. That’s why I have started for three weeks already, I have re-organized the working groups on Schengen to the level of the European affairs’ management system. We can even talk about a new offensive on our project to join Schengen,” the minister for European affairs said.

He argued that Romania can contribute better to the Schengen reform of it is inside Schengen.

We probably have to change the strategy, we must be more proactive and to be more present in the countries where there is a certain skepticism on our country’s admission. Romania needs to be more proactive and not just wait for an answer from the member states. We have the European Commission’s support, we have the endorsement of a part of the member states. It’s important for us to be present in the states that have certain reticence. We consider having important meetings and visits in the Netherlands, Germany and also in France in the upcoming period to provide all needed information with a new precise file where we present political and technical arguments to joint the Schengen area,” the minister added.

The European Union should consider bringing Romania and Bulgaria into the Schengen area, plus Croatia, the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has stated in the European parliament on Wednesday, during his annual speech on the state of the Union.

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