Romanian PM dissatisfied with the budget execution, with unspent money

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As a budget revision timetable has been set, Prime Minister Florin Citu stated that he is not satisfied with the budget execution so far, as he found RON 2 billion unspent money, although they had been allotted for the first quarter, but he also detected other RON 86 billion unused engagement credits.

“The budget revision timetable has just been established. We need a report for each ministry to see where we stand, I told you yesterday that there are 12 billion lei left unspent despite being allocated for the first semester and that’s what we must begin with, we must see where the money is. Looking at the budget execution, 86 billion lei in H1 commitment appropriations were left unused, so from my point of view the budget execution is obviously unsatisfactory; I want to look at the details first and then we’ll discuss,” Citu said at the Victoria Palace of Government when asked which ministries will see their allotments reduced and which ones will have money redirected to them at the budget revision.

Questioned about the statement made by the dismissed Finance minister Alexandru Nazare who reclaimed a deficit of RON 13 billion, the prime minister replied: “I don’t have time to comment on the former minister’ statements. On one hand, he said the situation is very good and he should not have been dismissed and on the other hand he said the deficit is too high. He should have realized by himself first what is the situation and then we’ll see about it”.

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