Romanian President pledges for open dialogue in solving the refugees’ crisis


President Klaus Iohannis told a joint session of Parliament on Wednesday that the next meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) would decide on the next steps to be taken related to the refugee crisis, adding that this situation can be solved, inside the European Union, only by open dialogue and agreement and not in a bureaucratic way, as it doesn’t concern “accommodation places, but people.”

“We are for solidarity inside the EU, we are solidary with the member states affected by this crisis. We act in the spirit of respecting the human rights and I believe that particularly now we must reject the radical actions and display stability and wisdom. That is why I don’t believe this crisis can be solved by a bureaucratic or bookkeeping, mathematical approach, but only through open dialogue, through consultation with the member states, through a consensual decision, taking into account principles and values, context and realities. We are not talking about accommodation places, but about people, about their integration in society, about their access to education, healthcare services and jobs on long term,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

“I don’t consider that problems among partners are solved by force, by threat with sanctions, but in agreement. I believe each member state has the right to act according to a specific situation it faces, according to the capacities and the possibilities it has. This is the point of view I supported and will continue to support in the conversations I shall have with the European leaders. Tomorrow, at the CSAT meeting, we shall agree on the steps Romania must take in this process, and as often as the developments in the situation require it I shall communicate both with Parliament and with representatives of the other state organizations,” the Romanian president also said.

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