Romanian public broadcaster’s senior management dismissed

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The plenary sitting of the Romanian Parliament has vetoed the 2016 activity report of the SRTV, the public broadcaster, on Wednesday, with the senior management being dismissed. The report was vetoed by 203 votes to 74.

The two chambers have voted afterwards a new interim director at TVR, Doina Gradea by majority of votes, with 24 voges against.

The parliamentary culture committees of the two chambers had previously heard Doina Gradea, proposed as interim manager of TVR and given their consent on her. Doina Gardea has been member of behalf of the ruling Social Democrat Party in the TVR’s previous managing board.

It’s not surprise the TVR managing board has been sacked as it had faced the prospect of dismissal over the Romanian public broadcaster’s disappointing financial performance in 2016, with TVR’s debts mounting to EUR 150 million last year.

The former TVR interim head Irina Radu has argued during the sitting of the joint commissions of culture in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies last week that, in her view, the public broadcaster’s performance was much better in 2016 as against 2015.

“It was an extremely tough year (2016). It was a year when the TVR’s debts reached EUR 150 M, when there were problems with the production money, with the lack of financing for the shows, but despite all these, I think we have honorably faced the situation,” Irina Radu said last week.

She argued that TVR was destroyed in 2015, “with missed news, with fatalities which were not broadcast on TVR.”

Georgică Severin, the new manager of the public radio

The plenary sitting of the Romanian Parliament has also Okayed Georgică Severin as the new manager of the public radio SRR, by 233 votes to 24.

Former Social Democrat senator Georgică Severin has been also the SRR interim director since April up to present.

Georgică Severin, Ruxandra Ileana Săraru, Bogdan Nicolae Niculescu Duvăz, Cristian George Teodorescu, Alexandru Iulian Muraru, Radu Alexandru Feldman, Angelo Nicolae Mitchievici, Andras Istvan Demeter, Maria Ţoghină, Adrian Valentin Moise, Gabriel George Bassarabescu, Milan Miroslav Manzura are members of the SRR managing board.

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