Romanian ruling party chairman Liviu Dragnea, on Washington Post” “new autocrats” list


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Chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party, Liviu Dragnea, is mentioned in a wide article published by Washington Post, entitled “The new autocrats“. The article is about the attempt of some leaders in such countries as Romania, Hungary, Poland or Czechia to consolidate their political power.

In Romania’s case, the main idea of the article is that the ruling party, PSD, is using the economic growth to stay in power.

“In Romania, the leader of the ruling Social Democrats — a wealthy businessman-turned-politician named Liviu Dragnea — has been twice convicted on corruption and vote-rigging charges. It was amid subsequent accusations of even greater graft that his government ousted the nation’s top fraud prosecutor and pushed legislation that experts say will keep other investigators off the trail,” the authors of the article say about Dragnea.

The Washington Post also mentions that Romania is dubbed by watchdogs as “one of the most corrupted countries in Europe” and also the EU’s second poorest country.

The money helps leaders keep their populations happy. It also gives them cash to burn on vanity projects, influence operations and patronage networks populated by favored cronies,” the article says.

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