Romanians called for the EP elections and referendum on justice

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Romanians are called to the polls on Sunday, May 26, to choose the Romanian candidates who will take the next MEP seats in the new European Parliament, but also for the referendum on justice.

President Klaus Iohannis initiated a referendum on justice two months ago where citizens are called to voice their opinions about such issues like amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds and to say if they agree or not with emergency ordinances issued on judiciary.

A week ago, the Central Electoral Bureau announced there will be three ballot papers and three ballot boxes across all polling stations. Voters will have to put the ballot paper for the European elections in one box, and the other two ballot papers with the two questions for the referendum in the other two boxes.

BEC mentioned that if you put a ballot paper in the wrong box by mistake does not mean the paper is annulled.

President Iohannis has repeatedly accused ruling PSD that it is boycotting the referendum on justice.

According to President Iohannis’ decision, the two questions to be addressed at the referendum are:

  1. “Do you agree with banning amnesty and pardon for corruption crimes?”
  2. “Do you agree with banning Government from adopting emergency ordinance on crimes, punishments and judiciary organization and with extending the right to challenge the GEOs directly to the Constitutional Court?”

As for the EP elections, polling stations will open on Sunday at 7 a.m. and will close on 9 p.m. Citizens who will not be in their cities of residence on Sunday will be able to vote on special lists.

Romanians living abroad will also vote in those 441 polling sections set up across the world. The list of the available polling stations abroad is available on the Foreign Ministry‘s website.

According to BEC, there are 700,843 Romanians who have residence abroad and have the right to vote.

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