Romanians from Diaspora can vote near their home. Electoral Register extended


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Romanians living abroad will be able to enter the electoral Register and will be able to cast their vote on permanent lists, as close as possible to their houses, the same as the voters in Romania. The move is meant to prevent incidents like those in the  presidential elections in November last year when Romanians living abroad had been queuing to cast their votes.The Permanent Electoral Authority will spend EUR 8.4m to enforce these provisions stipulated by the new electoral laws.

The money are allotted both for completing the electoral Register and also for automatic check-up services of the supporters lists, for blank layouts and for a mobile application helping voters to locate polling stations in their neighborhood.

The new electoral legislation also stipulates that, at the request of minimum 100 Romanian citizens living abroad a polling station can be set up in the area they are living in.

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