Rovana Plumb, proposed as European Commissioner for Transports, called for extraordinary hearing on her wealth statements


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The Legal Committee of the European Parliament is to hear Rovana Plumb in an emergency meeting on Thursday following inconsistencies found in her wealth statements. Plumb has been proposed by PM Viorica Dancila as European Commissioner.

Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan has announced that Rovana Plumb had not got the JURI Committee‘s green light and thus she has not met the criteria to become European Commissioner.

The Legal Committee of the European Parliament has decided to invite Rovana Plumb for an exceptional hearing tomorrow (Thursday) following the contradictory information in her wealth statements. It is only after the hearing that the JURI committee will give a final verdict”, Muresan posted on Facebook.

He further said that “at this moment Rovana Plumb is embarrassing Romania at European level”.

The Liberal MEP explained the procedure.

Before the hearings in the European Parliament, the JURI Committee has the obligation to examine the statements of financial condition of all candidates for the commissioner offices. Without the JURI Committee’s confirmation that there are no conflicts of interest in these statements, the procedure for the commissioner-designate is suspended. If the committee discovers irregularities in the wealth statements, the commissioner-designate is asked to provide the additional information and it can also decide to call the candidate for a discussion. It is Mrs Rovana Plumb’s case as well. The JURI Committee has required several information in written from Mrs Plumb after it had discovered several discrepancies between the wealth statement she had filed in Brussels and the official statements filed in Romania. She answered to the committee’s requirements but the information she provided had not convinced the members of the committee, so, that’s why the committee invited Mrs Plumb for an extraordinary hearing tomorrow“, Mureşan revealed.

He added that, if the Committee determines a conflict of interest based on her wealth statements, it can recommend that Plumb cannot take the office.

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