Row in the ruling coalition: PNL slams Social Democrat minister of Health and energy body chief


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PNL leaders launched attacks on their coalition partners from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the first on the list being the Minister of Health and the head of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE).

PNL spokesman Ionuț Stroe criticized the Minister of Health that he had not yet taken measures to combat wave 5 of Sars-Cov 2 infections. PNL also accused PSD of being responsible for not supporting the law on the green vaccination certificate. Stroe also says that there were no meetings in the coalition on this topic.

Today, we have reached the limit of 10,000 new cases of Sars-Cov-2 infections, an increase of more than 8 times compared to 15 days ago, immediately after Christmas. In just over two weeks we have a huge increase, which questions the preparation made by the Ministry of Health in the face of wave 5, one that brings hundreds of thousands of cases to other European countries. As an optimist, looking at what’s going on outside, am I still waiting to see what these health measures are to protect the population from the ministry? How do we stop the increase in the number of cases? Because the results so far are bad. How real is the interest of the Ministry of Health for the pandemic as long as, before the holidays, the option from the minister was to come with other relaxations, as if nothing would happen, and now he is just silent and only comes up with some reports“, said Stroe.

Liberals have also accused PSD of blocking the green COVID certificate at work.

“The only concrete project we have at the moment is the one submitted by PNL in Parliament, which was amended, debated in public, but unfortunately it is currently stuck there. Otherwise, we do not have another certificate, another concrete variant. I believe that the PNL has tried, with all the institutional instruments at its disposal, to promote such a document that would protect in addition to what currently exists in public health. We initiated the green certificate law for certain categories of employees and the same goal,” the PNL spokesperson argued.

Previously, Liberal chairman Florin Citu said that PSD is responsible for the green certificate not being adopted at work, as the Social Democrats have not endorsed the draft bill in Parliament. Citu said that PNL and UDMR were in favor of the project, while PSD opposed it. The former PM also challenged PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu to come up with a proposal on the vaccination certificate.

Moreover, Liberals have lashed out against PSD also on the energy topic. PNL deputy Gheorghe Pecingina accused ANRE of not doing anything so that there are no cases of violation of the law on capping and compensation of energy prices. “In all the madness of the last days regarding the energy bills, I am surprised by ANRE’s silence. They would be in the position to answer and clarify our case for violating the cap and offsetting price law. I am going to propose to the colleagues in the Parliament to set up a commission to assess the activity of ANRE for the last year and, if necessary, an inquiry parliamentary commission, to see how ANRE exercised its prerogatives to supervise the way in which the profile companies applied the provisions of the Law on capping energy prices and offsetting bills. In all this scandal, the ones who should talk the most speak the least, because they have the biggest responsibility in the field: the gentlemen from ANRE “, the Liberal MP posted on Facebook.

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