Ruling coalition parties share prefect positions. USR-PLUS takes Bucharest, PNL – Bihor and UDMR gets Cluj

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The leaders of the ruling coalition have split the prefect and deputy prefect positions on Monday evening. Sources quoted by the mainstream media revealed that the Bucharest Prefect’s Office goes to USR-PLUS, Liberals will take Bihor Prefecture, while UDMR obtained the prefect seat of Cluj county.
Overall, PNL will have 23 prefects, USR-PLUS- 14 and UDMR – 5. At the same time, PNL obtained 47 positions of deputy prefects, USR-PLUS- 28 and UDMR – 10.
Therefore, Liberals will take the prefect’s office of Sibiu, Alba, Brașov, Prahova, Bistrița, Mureș, Hunedoara, Bihor, Caraș-Severin, Vrancea, Iași, Botoșani, Neamț, Giurgiu, Călărași, Constanța, Teleorman, Dîmbovița, Ilfov, Olt, Dolj, Vâlcea and Mehedinți.
USR-PLUS will appoint prefects in Bucharest, Timiș, Bacău, Maramureș, Suceava, Argeș, Galați, Brăila, Gorj, Ialomița, Tulcea, Vaslui, Buzău and Harghita.
UDMR claimed the counties of Cluj, Arad, Covasna, Satu Mare and Sălaj.

As the seat of Bucharest prefect has been assigned to USR-PLUS, the incumbent prefect of the Capital city, Traian Berbeceanu, endorsed and appointed as interim for this position by PNL three months ago, announced on Facebook his withdrawal.

“I accepted this position three months ago, with very much good faith in a very complicated time. I had a short mandate, but full of challenges (…) I would like the new prefect to be nominated by USR-PLUS to be fully dedicated to the citizens of the Bucharest city, to be someone to observe and enforce the law, beyond any kind of interest, and to do only good things. I wish the new prefect good luck, whoever will be!,” Berbeceanu posted on Facebook.

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