Rumours regarding PSD-ALDE ministers of the future cabinet

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If President Klaus Iohannis would name Sevil Shhaideh as Prime Minister, the newly appointed official will have ten days available to build up the team of ministers and the governing programme to submit to parliament.

According to the possible ministers are:

From PSD:

Development Minister – Vasile Dîncu

Health Minister – Florian Popa

Agriculture Minister – Simon Gheorghe

Justice Minister – Florin Iordache

Finance Minister – Marius Nica

Economy Minister – Mihai Tudose

European Funds Minister – Ana Birchall

Foreign Affairs Minister – Cătălin Ivan (other sources point to Bogdan Aurescu)

Defence Minister – Georgian Pop

Interior Minister – Gabriel Vlase


From ALDE:

Culture Minister – Daniel Barbu

Environment Minister – Graţiela Gavrilescu

Minister for SMEs – Florin Jianu

Education Minister – Sorin Câmpeanu


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