Russia threatens Romania and Poland. PM Ciuca: Rhetoric to divert attention


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Any country that offers Ukraine its airfields or airports for attacks on Russia can be considered to have entered the conflict, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters on Sunday.

The use of foreign airport or aerodrome networks to house Ukrainian military aircraft and their subsequent use against Russian armed forces can be seen as an involvement of these states in an armed conflict, “spokesman Igor Konashenkov was quoted as saying by the agency. Interfax release.

“Practically all of Ukraine’s fighter jets have been destroyed. But we know from a reliable source that Ukrainian planes flew to Romania and other neighboring states,” Konasenkov added.

The threat comes in the context in which military aid from the West is expected to be transported through Poland and Romania, countries directly adjacent to Ukraine, and it is not specified which way these transports are made – air or ground.

Romania recently returned the Suhoi Su-27 fighter jet to Ukraine a few days ago after landing at Bacau airport.

Poland is in talks with the United States to find a way to offer Ukraine its MiG-29 fighter jets, a way to get Ukrainian pilots to pick them up from Polish airports if such a scenario is the case.

The threat that states offering airports as aid to Ukraine would be considered belligerent comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin himself made other sharp statements yesterday regarding the talks for NATO to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

PM Ciuca: Russia wants to divert attention from civilians being killed in Ukraine

Russia’s threats are unfounded and this is because the Ukrainian aircraft that took off from Romania left unarmed, and the whole operation was transparent, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca told Digi24.

“The Ukrainian plane left Romania unarmed, just to avoid any situation in which we can be accused of flying a fighter jet, to be able to take direct action from the territory of our country. As such, I do not see why we would be accused of carrying out such activities. It was public, transparent with no intention of hiding anything,” Ciuca stated.

The prime minister says such warnings are “rhetoric that seeks to divert attention from what is really happening on the ground in Ukraine, where civilians are being killed.”

“It is a rhetoric used lately, which seeks to divert attention from what is really happening on the ground in Ukraine, where we see civilians being killed, where we see that the laws of armed conflict are not being obeyed at all, and in this way it is easier to pay attention to the others because you can also become part of the belligerent action that they carry out “, PM Nicolae Ciucă argued.

He explained that methods such as misinformation, misleading, propaganda and information operations are usually used in armed conflicts. “I think they are vainly trying to make us be afraid, because we have nothing to be afraid of. There are concrete measures that have been taken within the North Atlantic Alliance so that the states on the eastern border of the alliance will benefit from strengthened and consolidated measures of deterrence and defense “, added Ciucă.

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