Russian Ambassador Kuzmin: Ordinance 13, a minor problem

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Russian Ambassador in Bucharest, Valeri Kuzmin, has commented on the recent protests in the capital and in the country, following the government ordinance 13 on amending the criminal codes, in an interview granted to ‘Adevarul’ newspaper.

According to the Russian envoy, the government’s initiative “is a minor problem” and that in Russia President Vladimir Putin has “decriminalized several criminal offences”, adding that Romanians should have the maturity to get over the issue.

“I hope the Romanian society will be mature enough to get out of the impasse brought by this minor problem whether to grant or not the pardon. In our country in two moments President Putin has decriminalized several minor criminal offences. Some of them were economic offences. I hope the public discussions will not prevent the government to continue the economic project and relations,” Ambassador Kuzmin said for ‘Adevarul’.

He added that, ever since coming to Bucharest, he has been waiting for the elections, because the Ciolos cabinet did nothing.

“The first five months since I arrived here I’ve dedicated to waiting for the election results, which should have brought a government with more stability. It’s not only my impression when I say that many of my colleagues from the diplomatic corps say the same thing: the former government did nothing. Not necessarily out of ill will, but because it has a limited term. It was almost impossible to keep our contacts and to advance in cooperation,” the Russian envoy said.

The ambassador added he had no contacts yet with the new government. “They’re occupied with the budget, but we have agreed on several meetings in the near future,” the diplomat said.


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