Scandal breaks out in Pro Romania over endorsement of Orban Gov’t. Ponta calls Tudose ‘a traitor’


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Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta has accused his party fellow, Mihai Tudose (former PM) of betraying the party for he would have allegedly negotiated with PNL to endorse the Ludovic Orban Government despite that Pro Romania had announced it would not support the new Cabinet.

Mihai Tudose file photo

Ponta’s outburst comes as the first vice-president of Pro Romania, Daniel Constantin, Sorin Campeanu and other MPs of the party announced they want to vote the Orban Gov’t, even if Ponta opposed this move.

Ponta has also accused Tudose, who became MEP because Ponta had given up his MEP seat in his favour, of negotiating not only with PNL, but also with PSD.

Pro Romania leader has threatened to oust Mihai Tudose from the party, as well as other members who don’t comply with the party’s decisions.

“If you were wondering who is the “negotiator” with PNL- the same Mihai Tudose who negotiated with Claudiu Manda during the week to return to PSD and with Ludovic Orban during the weekend to vote with PNL! The one for whom we all worked to obtain a MEP seat, and who lied to our face that he will not go to the European Parliament and that he was running just to help the party list! The one to whom I gave up my seat won on the Pro Romania list! But it is my mistake that I allowed all betrayals against us! Now we move on, less, but with no more dealers! Mihai Tudose has now become concerned with the ruling- precisely him who ran away from the Government for fear of Dragnea and who left the Japanese PM alone in Bucharest! Quite responsible!” Ponta posted on Facebook.

Sources within Pro Romania told local media that Daniel Constantin, the first vice-president of the party, wants to vote the Orban Cabinet and that several MPs intend to convince Ponta to allow them to vote as well. The “dissidents” argue that it is not normal to vote for the dismissal of the government and than to block the investiture of the new Cabinet, thus generating a political crisis.

The Parliament plenary session to vote the investiture of the Liberal Cabinet is due today. Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban voiced hope his cabinet in Parliament will be invested. All opposition parties, USR, PMP, ALDE, national minorities, except for Pro Romania, announced they will vote the Orban Gov’t.

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