Scandal in the lower chamber during the vote on ‘Iordache committee’ laws. USR – open protest with speaking-tube

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The Chamber of Deputies sitting was interrupted for ten minutes, as the Save Romania Union (USR) started a protest against the debates on the ‘Iordache committee’ laws. The USR deputies stood in front of the rostrum, bearing banners reading ‘Thieves!’, whereas the rest of the MPs were voting by articles the draft on amending law 303/2004 regarding the statute of judges and prosecutors.

As his microphone was cut off, USR deputy Stelian Ion used a speaking-tube to make himself heard by the audience.

The disputes in the lower chamber began as the time allotted for debates by articles expired and the vote started without reading all amendments, informs.

USR Chairman Dan Barna said this is absurd: “I have the feeling we are living a theatre of absurd. We are told from the parliament rostrum that we cannot carry on debates on a justice law because the time allotted for debates is over. Bad luck for Romania! How can we not have debates on such an important law? It’s absurd. We have to support our amendments. We can’t have debates? We are absurd,” Barna said.

USR deputy Cosette Chichirau was commenting live on her Facebook page: “We are doing what we can to defend justice in Romania. They keep on voting (PSD-ALDE deputies – our note) as if nothing has happened. Now it’s quiet. I hope darkness does not cover entire Romania.”


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