Scandal in Parliament after PSD MP used Nazi term referring to President Iohannis

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PSD deputy Nicolae Bacalbașa has used the Nazi term „untermensch” today in Parliament, hinting to President Klaus Iohannis. The term was used by the Nazis to name “non-Aryans”. Ovidiu Gant, a deputy representing the German minority in the Romanian Parliament, has harshly replied to Bacalbaşa, denouncing an existing campaign to denigrate the German ethnics. Subsequently, Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu has apologised to President Iohannis for his colleague’s outbreak.

Of course we are here all kind of people here in Parliament, representing all cultural and social levels. We are colleagues not for we liked one another, because the fate brought us together. Yet, I don’t understand to admit the rudeness of a guy who is an untermensch to me, speaking that we also have a German president, and who talks about shameful decisions after me and my colleagues had voted. The Parliament’s decisions are not embarrassing, there are the Parliament’s decisions and period. Let’s go into politics, let’s confront one another, but let’s stay the hell away from villains who reach the microphone,” Bacalbașa said.

The deputy representing the German minority, Ovidiu Ganț, has prompted in, accusing PSD of a wide campaign to denigrate president Klaus Iohannis.

Mr. deputy, I am German, too, and what this has to do with the Nazi regime? Aren’t you ashamed to come up in the Romanian Parliament and address a colleague in this way? Aren’t you ashamed to do that with reference to the Romanian President? More than that, this crap is not a one-time thing. I am part of a wicked campaign used by your party against the German minority in Romania and against the head of state. No earlier that last month, state Councillor Varga dared post on Facebook a reference between President Iohannis and dictator Adolf Hitler, probably the biggest criminal in history. Are you on that agenda, too? Are you continuing with what Vâlcov, Pop and Vasilescu have done, some PSD members with legal problems and who were fined by CNCD? It is inadmissible! Do you know that it is a crime in Romania to praise the Nazi terminology? Aren’t you ashamed, Mr. deputy? You don’t belong to the Romanian Parliament, you are a shame for Romania and for the Parliament”, Gant told Bacalbasa.

After the verbal row, the leader of the PSD group in the Chamber of Deputies, Alfred Simonis has apologised for Bacalbasa’s statements, while the Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu has apologised to President Iohannis from the tribune of the Parliament.

Nicolae Bacalbasa is known for his controversial statements.

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