Sebastian Ghiță to run for European elections on PRU lists

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Former Deputy Sebastian Ghita, who has fled to Serbia in 2017 after being investigated in several corruption files, will top the United Romania Party (PRU) lists for European elections, followed by the party leader Bogdan Diaconu. Ghita claims he would be the ‘speaking-tube for Romania to he heard clearly’.

“Sebastian Ghita, the one who hit the groundwork of the new Securitate, who unveiled the system inside the National Corruption Directorate (DNA), who has fought for a Romania for Romanians, who has become a target and has been sought after for having the courage to say the truth, he is to top the list of PRU candidates for European elections,” PRU wrote on Facebook un Sunday, informs.

PRU says Ghita will run to be a Romanian voice to be heard loud and clear and will approach the issue of immigrants from this point of view and to ask ‘why don’t we grant citizenship to the Romanian in Republic of Moldova?’

“We need to approach during the campaign issues that should be answered by Soros’ servants from USR in regard to the immigrants. Romania is a Christian country, we don’t want to fill the country with mosques! Who has allowed Tudorel Toadr to accept the idea of European prosecutor? The criminal group organized by Laura Codruta Kovesi has destroyed the elites. The ‘Rezist’ gangs are allowed to attack the judges and ministers and climb the Parliament’s fences! Romania will be a country with lands and forests returned to the Romanian state! Romanian will be the country where Romanian children are born. Now Romanian children are born abroad. Romanians will benefit from resources and from underground riches. We have to take advantage of them for Romania, not for the benefit of foreign robbers! Romania will express its sovereignty. I don’t want us to become a duchy of the Luxembourgers in Brussels! I chant with force: Long Live Greater Romania, United, Sovereign!” Ghita says.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) rejected on Saturday the appeal filed by the PRM+PRU Alliance against the Electoral Bureau (BEC) decision regarding the enlisting for European elections. PRU says the party will have its own candidates.

Ploiesti Court of Appeals admitted last Thursday the appeal lodged by former Deputy Sebastian Ghiţă and has ordered the revocation of the preventive arrest in absence, in the file on the IT service contracts. The ruling is final.

This was the last file in which preventive arrest was ordered on Sebastian Ghita.

In September 2018, the magistrates of the Ploiesti Court of Appeals rejected the appeal filed by Sebastian Ghita against the Prahova Court’s decision, which dismissed as unfounded his request for revocation of the preventive custody measure. The Prahova Court rejected as unfounded, on August 28, as first court, the request filed by Sebastian Ghita, a decision he appealed against.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) acquitted Sebastian Ghita in June 2018 in the file he was tried along with former police chiefs and prosecutors in Prahova. Sebastian Ghita was acquitted of all offenses for which he was sued by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA): bribe giving, influence buying, money laundering, blackmail, two offenses of use of information not intended for public use, and driving a car without a license.



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