Senate Defence Committee President calls for new parliamentary inquiry about the alleged CIA prisons


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The President of the Senate Defence Committee, Marius Obreja, called on the Senate leadership on Monday to set up a new inquiry commission into the alleged CIA prisons, following discussions that he had with the delegation of the LIBE Committee with the European Parliament and considering the US Senate report.
According to the document submitted to the Senate’s Standing Bureau, Marius Obreja said that an inquiry commission could be set up under the new information included in the US Senate report, following the LIBE delegation requests and the media reports. He also asked the Senate’s leadership to consider the opportunity to formally request the US for the declassification of documents concerning Romania and CIA interrogation techniques, contained in the US Congress report.
On September 25, a delegation of the LIBE Committee with the European Parliament came to Bucharest, for talks with members of the Senate defence committee. The delegation asked the Commission’s support of the European Parliament steps to demand the US Senate for the disclosure of secret information about alleged CIA secret detention centres.

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