Senate Lifts Immunity for ex-PM Florin Cîțu in Vaccine Procurement Case


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Senators voted on Wednesday to lift the immunity of former Prime Minister Florin Cîțu, currently a senator. The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) accuses him of abuse of office in the case of COVID-19 vaccine procurement during the pandemic.

With 90 votes in favor of lifting immunity, two against, and three abstentions, Florin Cîțu will be prosecuted by the DNA for abuse of office in the case of COVID-19 vaccine procurement during the pandemic.

“Three years have passed since the pandemic. Humanity was facing an unprecedented situation. Everything was under the sign of hypotheses, there were no concrete data. A virus that closed the planet. Romania confronted this virus with poorly equipped hospitals (…) In this complicated context, I prioritized the health of Romanians. I was aware that any decision I would make would be questioned. I take responsibility that, at that moment, the Romanian Government did, in an unpredictable and complicated context, with the data it had at that time, what it could do (…)

I have fulfilled my duties correctly in all the positions I have held, respecting the current legislation. And from now on, as long as I remain in politics, I will fight for the well-being of all Romanians. I will fight to reduce the taxation of part-time contracts, to lower the dividend tax, to eliminate all taxes introduced by socialists, and to free all markets from state interventions with boots. I will fight for Romanians to pay a single health contribution, from a single source of income. I will fight for low taxes, paid by everyone without exception. I will fight for a right-wing Romania that offers equal opportunities for all Romanians. Let justice do its job,” said Florin Cîtu.

Cîțu had declared on Monday that he would ask his party colleagues to vote for the lifting of his parliamentary immunity, stating, however, that he would not resign from the party or the parliamentary group.

We need to allow the investigation to continue and see the truth. I will ask my colleagues to vote for lifting immunity. I have no reason to resign from the PNL,” said the former prime minister.

Last Thursday, the DNA requested the Parliament and the Presidency’s approval to start the criminal investigation into former Prime Minister Florin Cîțu and former Health Ministers Vlad Voiculescu and Ioana Mihăilă for the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic. According to the official announcement of the DNA, the three are accused of purchasing over 52.8 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, exceeding the existing and necessary quantity, valued at over one billion euros.

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