Senate passes tax haven law initiated by SocDem Serban Nicolae

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A draft law initiated by PSD senator Serban Nicolae on tax-exempt for some authorized economic activities, including gambling, on such plots of lands as islands and other land surface areas, including in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, has been adopted by the Senate on Monday.

The law, also dubbed as “the tax haven law” has been considered a dedication for the former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, as he would have been the owner of the island, through TelDrum, the company he used to control.

The legal and public administration committees in the Chamber of Deputies adopted this law in March this year. The Chamber of Deputies is the decision-making body for this bill.

So, according to the draft law, certain plots of land, such as islands, narrow strips made by the deposits of a river or sea, as well as the buildings accommodated on them, are exempted of taxes if they are „exclusively used for such commercial activities as renewable energy production, tourism, leisure, public, food-service, retail, gambling.”

An amendment adopted by the legal and public administration committees says that the tax exempt will be applied also to private plots of land, not only to the public ones.

USR had accused that Serban Nicolae’s bill had been drafted „especially for the Social Democrats clients”, arguing that tax havens are thus created for those „who have interests in promoting gambling businesses in the Danube Delta and for those who seized Belina Island”.

In May 2017, the National Anti-corruption Directorate opened a case into the circumstances which Belina Island and Pavel Channel on the Danube River have been transferred from the “Romanian Waters” National Company to the Teleorman County Council and further on, to Tel Drum private company, controlled by people close to PSD chair Liviu Dragnea. Former Development minister Sevil Shhaideh is prosecuted in this file.

aErly this year, Tel Drum lost the lawsuit filed against Teleorman County Council whereby it demanded the suspension of the decision by which the Belina Island and the Pavel Channel were returned to the administration of the Romanian Waters

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