Senate rejects draft bill on reducing the number of MPs to 300

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The Senate has rejected on Tuesday the PMP bill aiming to reduce the number of MPs to 300, according to the results of the 2009 referendum.

83 senators voted against the draft bill, three abstained and two voted to reduce the number of MPs.

In a referendum in 2009, 77.78% of voters were in favour of a unicameral Parliament and 88.84% voted for reducing the number of MPs, the turnout being of 50.95%.

“The Senate killed today the will of 7,765,573 Romanian citizens which decided they want a Parliament with maximum 300 MPs. PSD, PNL, ALDE, UDMR and UNPR disagree with the Romanian citizens. They voted to keep the current structure, with 500 ineffective MPs,” wrote in response Eugen Tomac, PMP President, on Facebook.

The Chamber of Deputies is the decisional parliament chamber for this initiative.

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