Senate saves former deputy PM Gabriel Oprea from prosecution in dead policeman’s file

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Former Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea cannot be prosecuted for culpable homicide in the file of death policeman Bogdan Gigină’s death, the Senate decided on Monday.

Gabriel Oprea said, after the Senate’s decision, that the policeman had been advised by his godfather not come that night, implying that “if he had been a professional”, Gigină would have refused the mission.

The decision was taken by the Senate by 73 votes ‘against’ the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) request and only 45 votes ‘for’, and 6 votes cancelled. The vote was secret with balls, according to the Senate regulation.

Former Deputy Premier Gabriel Oprea had asked the senators to vote against the DNA request to prosecute him for culpable homicide, arguing that he was on the backseat of the car and could not possibly be guilty for the death of policeman Bogdan Gigină.

“I went through a nightmare, I tried to do my duty,” Oprea argued.

After the senators’ vote Oprea said that police officer Bogdan Gigina would have be warned that there was this hole on the routing and even that his godfather, also a policeman, would have warned him not to go in mission that night.

“It’s very strange for that day, for all that I know, he passed four times by that hole. Before arriving there, the police crew and the motorcyclist had been warned by the radio station, they had been told “the work follows” and they confirmed. The one in the police car was the young man’s godfather and , for all I know, he even told him <it would be better not to come this night>. If he was a professional….”, Oprea stated.

The legal committee senators had voted in favour of the DNA request to start the prosecution against Gabriel Oprea for culpable homicide in the file of policeman Bogdan Gigină’s death.

Investigators say proof so far shows consistent indications that Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea ordered for self round-the-clock accompanying by a team of Highway Police officers made up of one motor vehicle of the Highway Police (one agent and one officer) and a motorcycle of the Highway Police, all in violation of the legal provisions regulating the accompanying of dignitaries.

Gabriel Oprea had claimed his innocence ever since, arguing that “prosecutors are not following the right path”. He revealed that on the night of the accident he was returning from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), adding that he was not the one who had set the motorcade or the riding speed.

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