Senate Speaker points to the intelligence’s link to Hexi Pharma

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The Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu said on Monday that there are suspicions that “including an intelligence service is behind Hexi Pharma” and that “it used the company as an income source”.

There are suspicions that including an intelligence service would be behind this company that uses and that it uses it as an income source, therefore a commercial guise for other activities, which is not normal. You know that it’s on old debate in Romania if it’s good or not that the intelligence services should conduct commercial activities. There is no transparency (…) First of all it’s the government’s duty to take these actions,” Tariceanu told a conference at Targu Jiu quoted by Mediafax, adding that he would ask the Control Committee of the Intelligence activity to probe into these information if there are connections between Hexi Pharma and Romanian intelligence services.

The Senate Speaker also considers that a crisis cell should be set up in such circumstances and not a task force group.

On the other hand, a week ago the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) stated that it was aware of the situation on the nosocomial infections in hospitals, informing that it has sent about 100 reports to the decision-making bodies in the past five years.

In the documents addressed to the legal decision makers regarding the nosocomial infections, aspects related to the poor quality of the disinfectants used in hospitals countrywide have also been presented. Among the legal beneficiaries of our reports there were presidents of the county councils, prefects, ministers, prime-minister and Romania’s President. All these decision makers have received constant reports on the disruptions of the public health system in Romania. In the past five years, SRI has sent around 100 reports, including on matters related to the nosocomial infections in hospitals,” SRI officials announced.

Former president, premier and an-ex Health minister denied having received such notices.

On Monday, the president of the committee in charge of the control over SRI, Social Democrat deputy Georgian Pop said that his committee would receive SRI’s official answer on the health crisis, a written report, in the upcoming period.

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