Senate Speaker Tariceanu asks for the recall of Romanian ambassador to the U.S.

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Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu has announced in the Foreign Policy Committee on Wednesday that he will send a letter to the Romanian Foreign Ministry asking to recall George Maior from the position of ambassador to the U.S.

“I consider ambassador Maior has not accomplished his mission to represent, defend and promote the policy of the Romanian Government. In exchange, you (addressing to Maior) have promoted your own political opinions following a rather personal agenda, you have got the U.S. involved in Romania’s domestic policy and you have got Romania involved in the U.S. domestic political fights, by positioning yourself in the opposite camp of the legitimate head of the American Executive. I will ask the members of the foreign committee, to write a letter to the MFA that should state that your mission cannot go on in the current circumstances,” Tariceanu stated.

Tariceanu is the a member of the foreign policy committee in the Senate.

Maior: I did my job to prevent a false perception over the US positioning

In retort, the Romanian ambassador to Washington, George Maior, said during hearings in the committee, that he had done his job in the interest of the Romania, to prevent a completely false perception over the American positioning related to the political dialogue.

As for the fact that I have got involved in the US domestic policy, it’s completely false. There is no statement, no stand from the U.S. that should point to this. I have made a statement about a private person who issued an opinion by telling the truth before the Romanian public opinion and I think I have done my job in the national interest of Romania, for otherwise there could have been a completely wrong perception over the US positioning regarding the political dialogue on the value systems in the two countries, which would not have been in the Romanian national interest. These things are not proved by the American attitude. On the contrary, the US attitude has been in compliance to what I have done or said, in the Romanian national interest“, Maior replied.

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