Senate vetoes again the prosecutors’ detention request in Sova’s case


The Senate on Tuesday vetoed again the detention request made by the National Anti-corruption Directorate in the case of Social Democrat senator Dan Sova. There was a vote by ballot, parliamentary sources telling local media there were 66 votes in favor and 72 against the request.The Senate vetoed the same request on March 25 but a Constitutional Court ruling made it resume the voting procedure.

Dan Sova retorted he wouldn’t comment on the vote and that he would like his file being sent in court in order to clear the situation up. “As I also asked the Supreme Court, I wish it sends my file in court to clear things up, to be through with all these politicizing debates,” Sova said. He attended the Senate’s plenum session and also cast his vote.

Soon after the vote, President Iohannis wrote on Facebook that “the Parliament sticks in obstructing the lawsuits in court, resorting to procedural tricks.”

“Unfortunately, I find that, through today’s vote in Senate, the Parliament is sticking in obstructing the lawsuits in court, resorting to procedural tricks. When it comes to the rule of law, it’s getting more and more difficult to work with this Parliament and this majority”, reads the President’s Facebook post.

PNL to challenge the vote at CC

Liberal senator Mario Opres informed the Liberals would challenge the vote procedure at the Constitutional Court.

“We’ll file a notification as it’s not normal to reinterpret the result of the vote cast on March 25. Unfortunately, PSD senators’ conscience altered since March 25 up to June 2. There were PSD senators voting in favor back then, now there were less of them,” Oprea said. He explained that the result of the vote cannot be resumed, and the procedure itself was not the proper one, meaning a vote that had already been cast shouldn’t be resumed.

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu retorted that it is the MPs right to challenge the voting procedure. On the other hand, he said that the individual liberties and rights are not much worth for the Liberals.

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